Views from Kenya

Posted on
16th May 2015
by Martina Gant


With only a couple of weeks to go before the launch of, I’m in Kenya getting some of our partners’ perspectives on the change.

See what some of our Kenyan colleagues have to say:

As a long-standing member of the KOP team, I’m hugely excited about the new name for many reasons. This year has been the most eventful since I started at KOP: we’ve developed in size, scope and scalability. The launch of isn’t just another big change, it’s a necessary one.

From my perspective as International Programme Manager, ‘Kenyan Orphan Project’ no longer represents what we do for multiple reasons: we don’t want to be limited on where we can work; we don’t just work with orphaned children and haven’t for a long time; and we’re not a project, we run and fund multiple projects and programmes that support children living in poverty. represents our beneficiaries and our approach. With our partners, we support children’s holistic needs. We don’t limit our support to an isolated area; we provide access to multiple interventions in health, nutrition, education and so much more.

Over the years I’ve experienced countless people making an assumption based on our name that we support children in orphanages and it’s a first impression that doesn’t do us justice. We know that children are more likely to thrive within their communities. That’s exactly what do with our partners; we work with to improve the lives and opportunities of children within their own communities.

The launch of is part of a process of improving how we present our innovative and dynamic work to the world. With a talented team, a bold approach to tackling poverty and the support of KOPpers of old, Apprentices of new and future supporters, we will reach more people and change more lives.

Some of the happiest memories of my life are KOP-related; I’ve met some incredible people, I’ve been pushed to my limits (*cough* swine flu *cough*) and I’ve developed personally and professionally. It’s time for our brand to represent and reflect the opportunities we provide and the excitement we inspire. has so much potential: for you as supporters, for us and our partners and most importantly, for children everywhere.