unveil our Master Plan at The Shindig

Posted on
26th Jan 2017
by Ellie Dawes

On 17th January, friends and family gathered at The Brewhouse in London Fields to hear about the future of the charity.

It was a fantastic evening. We feasted on delicious Chinese buns and laksa from CH&Co, drank local beers from London Fields Brewery and enjoyed beautiful music from Acoustic Duo. From brand new Charity Apprentices and recent Ride Africa riders to long-term supporters and friends from other charities - it was fantastic to get everyone together and congratulate eachother on our general brilliance.

But we were not (just) gathering to party and celebrate a successful 2016. had some big stuff to talk about: the future of the charity, our reason to exist, and our Master Plan to help more children than most people in the room would have ever thought possible. trustee Dr Dan Magnus spoke about the good news stories in global child health - the advancements we have made as a global society, and the obstacles to tackle next. MD Thomas Muirhead then took to the stage to present our Master Plan. It's a plan to become the organisation that keeps on finding better ways to help more children, and then share that information with everyone. In this way, and by working with others, will have a wider impact and solve the problems children face with solutions that work long-term.

And we'll pay for our work sustainably too. By building businesses and social enterprises within the charity and acting as an incubator, we'll create unrestricted, reliable income that will fund our work - even the vital, complicated work that's difficult to sell to donors. 


You can download and read the Master Plan in full here.

We are particularly grateful to the many supporters on the night who got behind our Master Plan and elected to invest in our future by joining Core. Core is for supporters who want to give smarter and enjoy knowing their monthly donations will have more impact in the long term. You are heroes, and we're so excited to have you on board.

There are a selection of photos from The Shindig below, but you can also check out all the pictures on Facebook.