Alternative Christmas Jumper Day office fundraisers

Posted on
13th Nov 2019
by Ellie Dawes

This week, one of our partners asked us if we had any ideas for an alternative to Christmas Jumper Day in the office. Here are our ideas...

Christmas Jumper Day is a wonderful fundraiser that raises thousands for charities like Save the Children each year. But some people we've spoken to say they'd prefer a low-effort festive fundraiser that's a bit more sustainable.

We're mindful of the environmental impact of fast fashion too,  so we've had a bit of a brainstorm, and here are our ideas...

  1. Ornament competition. Donate to enter the competition for the best Christmas tree ornament, brought in from home or made. Have a competition to vote for the best, hang them on the office tree or display through the office. Bonus points for those made from recycled materials!
  2. Thanks giving. Donate £12 and will deliver a Christmas version of a Thank you Treat to the desk of someone who has been a really great colleague this year. (Email if you're interested in setting this one up.)
  3. Charity Shop Dash. Donate £10 to take part, then get £5 budget back to buy a ridiculous jumper or other clothing item from the local charity shop for the person you pull out of the hat. Give prizes to those who buy the best items. If there are charity shops near you, you can all go at lunchtime at the same time to make this more fun. Then you can donate it all back to the shop afterwards.
  4. Treasure hunt around the office. Someone comes in early and hides Christmas chocolates everywhere. Prize for the person who finds the most. 
  5. Mad hatters. Competition for best Christmas hat made out of old office magazines/leaflets/scrap paper.
  6. Bargain hunt challenge. Everyone spends £5 in a charity shop, and is challenged to sell what they buy on ebay for a profit (donated to charity). Prize for the person who sells their item for the most.
  7. Christmas child gallery. Everyone (or just your senior team) brings in a photo of themselves as a child at Christmas time. Run a sweepstake where people donate £2 to guess who is who.
  8. Swap shop sweep. Everyone brings in something nice that they don’t need any more - could be books, clothing or unwanted gifts from last year! People pay a donation to enter the sweep and take something they like. 
  9. Christmas joke contest. Donate to enter your Christmas joke and a panel will choose the winner and award a trophy/prize. 

Got other ideas? Tweet us @childdotorg and if we like them, we'll add them to this list.

If you're doing some festive fundraising at your workplace for we will record you a personal festive thank you video. Email to tell us about your plans and request your video.


Cute festive dog photo is by Jakob Owens on Unsplash