75(ish) totally incredible Charity Apprentice Events.

Posted on
12th Apr 2018
by Ellie Dawes

As part of their event management module, everyone on our Charity Apprentice course holds their very own event.

I want to share with you all some of the truly incredible events being run over the next month. The brief for a Charity Apprentice's event is simple: it must aim to raise money (not awareness) and it must be desireable for people to want to go to, even if they've never heard of Child.org.

We've designed this module to be as close to professional charity event management work as possible. Each apprentice creates a budget and marketing plan. They have to pitch their plan to our event team for approval before they are allowed to go ahead - just as they would if they worked in our events team. Afterwards, they evaluate their success and areas for improvement in a debrief. It's a huge challenge for those with little or no events experience, but we've got a strong support team to guide them through the process.

Do have a browse through this selection of fantastic ways to spend your time. If you like the look of an event, tell your friends and book a ticket!

The Child.org team provide the Charity Apprentices with two event templates, which they can use to make it easier for them to design and brand their event:

Spectacular Cinema

Spectacular Cinema nights are immersive film experiences, where you get to enter the world of your favourite film for the evening. Apprentices' events feature everything from sing-alongs to secret cocktail bars, shark hunts to murder mysteries! Check them out at spectacularcinema.com


Listen Up

Listen Up events are interesting talks, like you might hear at a TED event or book through Funzing. We've got talks from adventurers, experts in sustainable fashion, and how to improve your photography! Check them out at listenuptalks.com


Some of our apprentices, who smashed their pitch, are even running editions of our extablished Spectacular Pub Quizzes. So if you've been hoping to catch our Wizardry Quiz to test your Harry Potter knowledge - you might want to check and see if they're bringing the quiz to a town near you! All these events are listed at spectacularpubquizzes.com.

Going rogue

Many apprentices had such a stonking creative plan for an event, that they decided to pitch their own idea! These guys had to create their own brands, and they've risen to the challenge brilliantly. Just look at some of the fantastic ideas they've come up with...


Community Beetle Drive in Duror on 17th April


Rewind: The Ultimate Throwback Quiz in London on 19th April


South Coast Sisters - women-led music night in Hastings on 20th April


Bingo Brunch in Manchester on 21st April


The Sunny Sailor with David Hughes and Jade North in Maldon on 21st April


Earth Day Upcycling for Kids: Turn plastic bottles into glow lamps in London on 22nd April


Always Sunny in Liverpool Party! on 27th April


A Classy Quiz Night  in York on 28th April


90's Pub Quiz in London on 29th April


Eats with Beats in Leeds on 1st May


Roaring 20's Prohibition Party in Newcastle on 4th May


Superlative Jelly in London on 4th May


Buskers Ball in Kingston on 5th May


Around the World in 80 Minutes! Quiz in London on 6th May


May Day Mayhem in Liverpool on 6th May


RuPaul's Drag Race Quiz in Manchester on 8th May

Ipswich Quiz in Ipswich on 11th May


Games Night in London on 12th May


Cactus Garden X Concrete Workshop in London on 12th May


Brazillian Immersion Party in Reading on 12th May


One Hull of a Quiz in Hull on 15th May


International Art Festival in Manchester on 18th May


Back to the 80s Night in Barnsley on 18th May


Playsense Workshop in Cardiff on 20th May


Say Something in London on 26th May


Unity: The Art of Togetherness in London on 2nd June


Murder at the Manor in Lichfield on 2nd June


Not Just Any Quiz in Newcastle on 2nd June


The Child.org and Charity Apprentice teams are so incredibly proud of all the creativity, problem solving, and passion that these budding event managers have put into their events. Awesome work everyone.