The 2.6 Challenge Appeal

Posted on
24th Apr 2020
by Lucy Ndegwa

Since the coronavirus pandemic hit the UK, most fundraising events were put at a halt. This poses a big threat to the survival of the charity organisations in the country. In reference to that, the organisers of the biggest mass participation sports events in the UK have come up with a new campaign named The 2.6 Challenge to help the country’s charity groups survive during this pandemic.


From the 26th of April, which was originally set to be the date for the 40th edition of Virgin Money London Marathon, which is a huge event in the charity fundraising calendar, the people are encouraged to engage in an activity they are comfortable in, basing it around the numbers 2.6 or 26 to fundraise or donate to save the UK charities. These activities can include, running or walking for 2.6 miles or 2.6 kilometres or 26 minutes, doing yoga for 26 minutes, jumping 26 times on a trampoline, dancing for 26 minutes, hula hoop 26 times, gardening for 26 minutes and many more other ideas that one is comfortable in as far as they observe the government’s directives on coronavirus precautions.

The idea is for people of all ages to have fun and be active as they raise money to save the country’s charity organisations. is very grateful for your continued support during this season. However we have experienced such a huge blow due to this pandemic, our events have been cancelled and we are experiencing a strain on our finances. We would appreciate it if you joined in the challenge so we can be able to help our mums in Kenya. 

To donate or fundraise for the 2.6 Challenge click this link