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Text a new mum with life-saving information
New Scientist are helping deliver urgent support to new mums and newborn babies in Kenya. Donate here to help us reach mums, now.
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Innovation in the time of Coronavirus have acted as fast as possible to adapt our programmes, as lockdown health measures change the landscape everywhere. 

These adaptations are urgent. We have already seen heartbreaking, preventable deaths in our communities - because of a basic lack of Covid-19 information.

Just a £5 donation can help us reach a mum whose Team Mum Pregnant Women's Group has been cancelled via text message. We can let her know that she can ignore the government curfew and go to the hospital if she is in labour. This information could have saved Rael's life


The first two Team Mum text messages (right) say: 

Hey Faith! Team Mum is still here for you! We'll send you more messages in the future but for now keep on washing your hands. Good day!

Hi Faith, if you or your child need emergency treatment, please call Cherio [The name of their Team Mum social mobiliser] immediately, quarantine is not enforced in an emergency.

Because human knowledge should benefit everyone

On this website, you can read our Baby Box Pilot report, to discover how this small pilot programme saw an 81% increase in mums assessing postnatal care. 

But another stat to note from the report is that at baseline, just 7% of mums knew that the safest way to put their baby to sleep is on their back. (After the programme, 43% of mums knew this.) This is basic, vital information that we've been providing to UK mums to make their babies safer for decades. are determined that more mums should be armed with this kind of life-saving knowledge that's available to mums in rich countries.

Ruth, Mercy and Catherine don't have access to basic information about their own health and the health of their babies. By creating pregnancy support groups, provide them with that information.

New Scientist and are both good at spreading and sharing the latest human knowledge. Let's give these women a share in what our species have learned through scientific medical research.

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