Mother's Day Card

Send a Mother's Day card
A big thank you to those who sent a Mother's Day card for Team Mum in March!

Mother's Day is now over, but you can still support Team Mum!

Team Mum
Send your mum some love...
Your e-card will be delivered to your mum on Mother's Day, with your personalised message. We'll let her know that your donation will arm a new mum with the information and support she needs to keep her new baby safe.

...and send some love to mums in rural Kenya.

In Kenya, one in 26 babies don't survive to see their first birthday. Here, pregnancy, birth and raising a baby are all unacceptably dangerous.

Give £10 when you send your card, and we can provide a new mum like Mercy or Ruth with a new baby support pack. This pack will encourage her to attend our pregnancy support groups, where she'll learn vital information about how to keep her newborn baby safe. It includes essentials like a weighing bag, so she'll know if her baby is healthy or underweight. 

Give £25, and you'll pay for a mum to receive our full support group training programme. She’ll make a birth plan and be introduced to her local health facility where she can give birth in a safe environment.

Doubling donations with UK Aid Match

If you donate to support Team Mum before 30 April, your donation will be doubled by the UK government.

So your £10 donation is actually worth £20! Read more about the Team Mum appeal.