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  • Meet Conzolata

When her son, Victor was born she walked a long way over uneven roads to the hospital to give birth:

Before she gave birth, Conzolata was unaware that she could travel to attend clinics and find out if her baby was healthy or not. She says, “I wish I knew people go to clinics. I would have gone.” She would love to have a health visitor come and visit her to tell her about her own health and how to best look after Victor.  
Conzolata also told us, “When I got pregnant, I was scared of being judged by other people.” In Meru, the lack of status for pregnant women in the community means that young women can struggle to speak up and seek help during pregnancy when they feel something is wrong. 
If Team Mum can launch our pregnancy support groups, we will  reach young mums like Conzolata with the message that they are not on their own. We will provide access to health advice and support that will help mums to keep their babies safe. are extremely grateful to Conzolata for taking the time to share her story with us, in order to benefit other new mums in her community.
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