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  • Medsin: Global Health. Local Issue., as one of medsin’s affiliates, were delighted to be in attendance for a vibrant weekend full of discussion, challenging questions and inspiring speakers, workshops and training. 
Medsin originated 20 years ago in a similar way to how began (as Kenyan Orphan Project). Students, recognising that there was inequity and injustice in the world decided to take action and make change. Catherine Bateman-Steel, inspired by a meeting of the International Federation of Medical Student Associations (IFMSA), returned to the UK in 1995 with the belief that students through determination and collective action could help make a small change in the world. 
Since then, Medsin has grown into a network across the UK with branches at over 30 universities, 15 affiliate organisations as well as national working groups. It has, also similarly to, branched out from just being for medical students in recognition of the importance of partnerships between sectors involved in Global Health. 
Medsin has a vision of:
“A fair and just world in which equity in health is a reality for all.”
It aims to do this by creating a “network of students able to effect tangible social and political change in health at a local, national and international level through education, advocacy and community action.”
It was therefore a great opportunity and privilege to be able to talk in Sheffield for, in recognition of our similarities, shared aims and hope to continue to work together in partnership to help educate and advocate about child health, child rights and give every child an equal opportunity. 


I am also delighted to be part of the team from Bristol that is coordinating medsin’s Global Health Conference 2016 which will tackle “Sustainable Development: Our Roles in the Goals” – look forward to seeing you all there!
A huge thank you again to the team behind the National Conference 2015: The Inequality Revolution. It was a hugely inspiring weekend in Sheffield. look forward a future of working and collaborating with the awesome Medsin. 


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