Support 340MilesClub at TSP5 with £ and they will…

do a FRIENDSHIP RUN - Jasmine & Domi will run 1 mile hand in hand
do a BALLERINA RUN - Till T. will run 1 mile wearing a pink Tutu
do a ADILETTEN RUN - Steffen will run 1 mile in Adiletten
do a SCHLAGER RUN - Uli will run 1 mile with Helene Fischer breathless through the night!
do a BAVARIAN RUN - Okan will run 1 mile wearing traditional costumes and Lederhosen and carrying a barrel of beer while running
do a FORREST GUMP RUN - Till H. will run 1 mile wearing a Forrest Gump costume and quoting extracts from the movie
do a THANK YOU VIDEO - thank you & mentioning the name of each supporter. Will be published on our social media channels
THE REAL SUPPORTER - Your name will be mentioned on our website and in our after movie