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  • Maternal mental health in Team Mum

This World Mental Health Day’s theme is ‘mental health is a universal human right’. Today we want to showcase how approaches maternal mental health within our Team Mum Pregnant Women’s Groups.

At, we work with the local government to set up pregnancy support groups to provide pregnant women and mums with critical maternal health information and support.

How does Team Mum talk about maternal mental health?

Pregnant Women’s Groups are run by brilliant Community Health Promoters (CHPs)*. Our Team Mum manual helps to guide the CHPs before and during the sessions, and in session five it covers several crucial points about maternal mental health:

  • Mental health challenges in mums are more common than is widely acknowledged.
  • The importance of pregnant women and mothers looking after themselves, and seeking support from family, friends or health workers if they feel low or anxious.
  • Common symptoms of depression and anxiety to look out for.
  • Ways in which women can look after themselves if they are feeling low.
  • Ways in which family members and friends can support pregnant women and mums who are showing signs of a mental health disorder.

The Pregnant Women’s Groups are themselves a mental health tool for mothers; they provide a safe space to talk freely about how they are feeling and any issues they are facing. There is a sense of community as mums and pregnant women come together to share and swap experiences, and build a support network which they may not have otherwise.

Mental health services are minimal in Kenya, but the government is beginning to recognise that more support is needed and is allocating more resources. 

Team Mum hopes that talking about mental health in the pregnancy group sessions will highlight the need for more services and of ways that local health authorities could offer more support to their communities.

*CHPs = trained members of local communities who act as a link between the community and formal health facilities.

What you can do

It costs £20 to create and print one manual used by CHPs to run Team Mum pregnancy support groups.

£20 to support women through their pregnancy and delivery journey, including maternal health issues.

£20 to provide potentially life-saving advice.

Can you donate £20 today? 
Pages from the Team Mum manual about maternal mental health.

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