In too many countries, birth is still unacceptably dangerous.

In Kenya, one in 26 babies will not live to see their first birthday. 

In Sierra Leone, one in 17 women will die in childbirth. 

This problem is keeping families in poverty and driving inequality. want to build a world where families are able to build stable futures for their children and lift their communities out of poverty. This isn't possible for families who can't be confident that their children will survive. 

Our friends at mamaME have been helping in our mission to make birth days safer. Read on to discover why that's important - and what we've been up to!

The power of mum

mamaME and both understand that if you want to help babies and children - a great place to start is by supporting their mum. have read so much research evidence that tells us that working with mothers is the key to preventing more infant deaths in low-income countries.

So together, we’re working to arm more new mums with the expert health information and community support they need to make their pregnancies and early months of motherhood less dangerous. 

Questions to answer

Investigating now

Could we use the globally popular Baby Box as an incentive for new mums in Nairobi to attend postnatal care sessions? With the funding you've raised, we're trying to find out.

Read about our Baby Box Programme.

Coming soon

In rural Kenya, we want to make sure every mum, however isolated, has access to friendly support and expert health information. We want to launch pregnancy support groups that will empower these mums - and save lives. We just need to raise the funds.

Read about Team Mum.

What they said

Meet Grace

One of the ways believe we can save lives will be to encourage more young mums to attend their antenatal and postnatal appointments. At one of our programme development workshops, Anne-Liese met Grace, whose story highlights just how important that is.

"Grace is 18 and pregnant for the second time, with her baby due any day now. She told me about how her first pregnancy ended in tragedy at 7 months. 

"Grace was at home when her waters broke early. Although she had not attended any antenatal appointments, she knew she needed to get to the hospital, so she and her parner got in a Matatu (a public and crowded minibus) and headed to Kenyatta National hospital in Nairobi. When they arrived, Grace was immediately admitted and the hospital team performed an emergency c-section..."

Read Grace's full story


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If you have a way to reach parents with our message, please be like mamaME and join Team Mum. You'll share our appeal in Feb-April 2019 and fund pregnancy support groups in rural Kenya.

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