Kina Mama cooking class

Kina Mama cooking class
This class will be a wonderful East African celebration of mothers and community. Cook a warm, comforting meal with Munira Mahmud, member of Hubb community kitchen at Almanar mosque, a kitchen formed by the women of Grenfell. Wednesday 27th May, 6-8pm.

How it works

1. Buy your ticket to receive your ingredients list, recipes and link to the live online event.

2. Purchase your ingredients in advance (they're all easy to source!)

3. Follow the instructions you receive when you book to complete any required prep before the event begins.

4. Join the event live on Wednesday 27 May to cook along with Munira and prepare a delicious and simple meal, honing your skills with an expert!

All proceeds from ticket sales for this event will benefit's emergency coronavirus appeal, supporting vulnerable new mums in Kenya.

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Suitable for vegans!

Aubergine masala

Coconut Rice

Green chilli hot and spicy homemade sauce

Chotara salad 


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About Munira and Kina Mama

When Munira Mahmud, the force behind Kina Mama, (born in Uganda) had her first child, she felt the lack of support one would typically receive in her native Uganda, where there is a very strong tradition of new mothers being looked after within the community. The language of love and care between neighbours was food; she recalls the nourishing warmth of uji (porridge) being brought to women in her family and of traditional remedies being prepared. Now living in London, gone was the familiarity of knowing her neighbours and of being able to depend on them.
Kina Mama is a group of women that focuses on supporting mothers. Our aim is to bring together women from different backgrounds, religions and nationalities, to unite and create a strong community from which we can help, empower and strengthen one another.
A resident at Grenfell Tower for nine years, Munira found the connection and friendship she had been yearning for since arriving in Britain before the horrific tragedy on the 14th June 2017. The loss of her dear friend Rania and her daughters spurned her to achieve their dream of running a kitchen sharing the recipes they both loved. She is a member of Hubb community kitchen at Almanar mosque, a kitchen formed by the women of Grenfell and was delighted to have Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle write the foreword of their “Together: Our Community Cookbook.”