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  • Jovial Lucy

Hello, I am Lucy, I love a good laugh hence the tagline ‘Jovial Lucy’. My friends say my laughter is infectious. I do not mind infecting the world with a little laughter, imagine how amazing it would be!

I love singing, I sing in the bathroom with a bar of soap as my mic, it works just fine in there, hopefully one day I can record my songs for a wider audience! Travelling is also on the list of my hobbies, the discovery that comes with it is something to live for. On my travel board, Uganda is leading; the beauty of its capital Kampala built on hills, the source of River Nile at Jinja, the history of the Buganda kingdom that is still in existence to date and a taste of their amazing staple food ‘matoke’, nothing has beat that so far.

I love positive change, I love growth, I love the light that comes with development. The thought of seeing a person move from a lower to a higher level gives me goosebumps. This is the reason why I chose to major in Community Development at Daystar University. Additionally, I have a passion for photography, I love telling stories through pictures, I believe a story is more elaborate and understood when done through the lens and made visual. has given me the chance to apply the course that I studied; Community Development studies and my passion for photography by joining the team as a programme and comms support intern. This is a lifetime opportunity that you do not get everywhere.  I am really excited to be a part of a team working tirelessly to make the lives of mothers, babies and children beautiful and healthy. Even more excited to tell the stories of smiles created by the light the team illuminates in many mothers, babies and their children.

In a country where Communication for Development is more often than not done by non-governmental organisations (NGOs), I want to be among the few who have chosen the path. Telling beautiful stories through media, stories of people who went through a giant wavy sea and conquered, captioning that light in their eyes, I live for that.

My favorite quote is by Muhammad Ali “The Service you do for others is the rent you pay for your room here on Earth.” Every day is a day to make the day count!


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