I'm in Team Mum 2020

I pledge to support Child.org's Team Mum appeal between 20 September and 20 December 2020.

By filling in this form, you pledge to support the Team Mum appeal in 2020 - arming mums with the health information they need to keep their babies safe. You can of course change your mind at a future date - however, Child.org will use your commitment as evidence to apply to the Department of International Development for UK Aid Match funding for the appeal. So we ask you to please only fill it in if you seriously intend to support us!

How will you help?

It's important to the UK government that the public know their donations will be doubled during the appeal! Please indicate here that you're happy to include a line about UK Aid Match and the logo in your Team Mum communications, wherever possible. (We will send this to you with details of how to use it!)
It's important to the UK government that the public know the impact their support had after the appeal is done and the work has been funded! Are you happy to share news of our success after the appeal, with the same audiences you're telling about Team Mum?

Your channels

Please let us know the reach of all the channels you will use to share messaging about Team Mum. This information is needed for our UK Aid Match application, sensible estimates are fine if you don't know the exact number!

Any other comments?

About your data: When you fill in this form, you're providing evidence for Child.org to demonstrate to the government that you intend to support our Team Mum appeal, and giving us permission to conact you to arrange for the agreed support of the campaign. We'll ONLY contact you to talk about your involvement in the Team Mum campaign. We will share your intention to support with the Department for International Development - but we will not share your contact details with them (or with anyone). To do all this, we have to store your data. Child.org will never pass on or sell your data to other companies, or send you marketing, without your permission. If you're interested in how and why we store your data, you can read our Privacy Notice here.