How to host a livestream event for

From quizzes and gaming competitions to cooking and art demos, the livestream possibilities are endless. Follow this step-by-step guide to launch your own livestream extravaganza.

Before we begin, you'll need the following:

  • A Mac or PC (you can also use a gaming console or smartphone, although they require different instructions. Get in touch if you'd like to use these)
  • A webcam
  • A basic microphone (your laptop's camera & microphone will work fine but more advanced hardware will improve the quality of your stream) 
  • A good internet connection

Create a Twitch account

Twitch is for livestreaming.

Sign up here 

Enable two-factor authentication

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) means two different methods of verification will be required to log in to your Twitch account: your password and your mobile phone. In order to broadcast on Twitch, you need to enable 2FA.

  • Select the avatar at the top right-hand corner of the page
  • Select Settings
  • Select Security and Privacy
  • Select Set up Two-Factor Authentication

  • Enter your phone number and click Continue
  • You will receive a security code via SMS
  • Enter the code & click Verify, then click Done 

Create a Tiltify account

Tiltify is for donations. 

Sign up here 

  • You should receive a confirmation email
  • Open it up and click Confirm my account 
  • Click Avatar and upload an image of yourself 



Create your Tiltify campaign

  • In the top left-hand corner, select Create new campaign

  • Choose your Cause: International 
  • Select Campaign Type: Individual
  • Create a Campaign Name and Campaign Description and click next 
  • Select a Start Date and End Date for your campaign (this is not the date of your event but of your overall campaign) 
  • Set a Campaign Goal 
  • Review the summary & then click create Campaign 

Link Tiltify & Twitch

  • On your Tiltify campaign dashboard, click the pizza slice icon (add your livestream)
  • Select Twitch as your media type and click next 
  • Enter your Twitch Username 
  • To find this go to Twitch > Settings > Scroll down to Profile Settings 
  • Click Create
  • At the top dashboard, select publish campaign


Tiltify extras (optional) 

Take your fundraising to the next level with Tiltify. From your campaign dashboard, you can:

  • Add a schedule (upcoming events will show up on your campaign page)
  • Add incentives (rewards donors can claim for their donation, polls that donors can vote for with their donation, targets that let donors decide if they want something to happen)
  • Add milestones (set targets along the way to your ultimate goal)

Twitch extras (optional) 

Take your livestream to the next level with Twitch extensions. 

  • Select the avatar at the top right-hand corner of the page
  • Select Creator Dashboard
  • Select the three lines on the top left-hand corner of the page
  • Select Extensions
  • Read How to use extensions

Create a Lightstream Studio account

Sign up here 

Lightstream Studio is a cloud-based streaming software that works perfectly for simple livestream events. Sign up for a free trial that allows for 8 stream hours per month. If you’re a techie that prefers more advanced software & limitless streaming, skip this step & follow these guidelines.


  • Select Twitch



  • A new tab will open - log into Twitch 


  • You will receive a code via SMS. Enter the code and click submit



  • Lightstream will ask for access to your Twitch account. Click authorize




  • Lightstream will ask for permission to use your information. Click allow 



  • Select what you are most interested in



  • Follow lightstream’s super simple 7-step tour to set-up your studio
  1. Welcome
  2. Select your webcam
  3. Add an image
  4. Upload a new image (try one of these logo overlays)
  5. Position the image (you shouldn’t have to reposition the overlays)
  6. Manage your destinations (click got it)
  7. That’s it. You’re ready to stream! 






Add scenes (optional)

  • Add scenes to switch to when you’re not on camera, such as welcome, break, and end. Click Add Scene and then follow the same steps to add an image.

  • Feel free to use our welcome, break, and end images found here.
  • Move the scenes around in any order you’d like! Duplicate your stream scene to make for a smooth transition.


How to run your livestream

  • If you have multiple scenes, make sure they're in the right order & select the first one
  • In the top right-hand corner of your screen, select Go Live

  • The stream output on the right-hand side of the screen shows what is being broadcasted in real-time (what your viewers see)
  • To transition to a new scene, select that scene & click Send to Live in the top right-hand corner. Double-check your stream output to make sure the right scene is being broadcasted!


  • During your livestream, make sure to follow the chat box in the bottom right-hand corner & interact with viewers! 
  • When you’re finished, click End Stream in the top left-hand corner



Promote your livestream

Share your Tiltify campaign link directly with your supporters & followers

  • On Tiltify, go to campaigns
  • Select dashboard under your campaign
  • In the share box on the right-hand side, click copy campaign URL
  • Share this link via email, WhatsApp, social media etc. 

Share your Tiltify campaign on social media

  • Go to your campaign page
  • On the top left-hand corner, click share on Twitter or Facebook

Before your event, tell viewers to create a Twitch account if they want to take part in the chat. The chat will stream directly on the Tiltify page so no need for them to have the Twitch channel open.

TWITCH PRO-TIP: To make sure viewers can find your stream, always make sure to set your category, tags, and stream title through the live page on your dashboard.

Practice, practice, practice

  • Test your livestream out before you’re set to begin 
  • Consider your camera location, position, and angle as well as the lighting

Get in touch with Jacob if you have any questions at all. We can set up a video call to talk it through & even do practice runs to make sure you’ve got it nailed down. 07751768207