The Great Big Supper Club for Team Mum

The Great Big Supper Club
Host a dinner party for and encourage your friends to donate!

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The Great Big Supper Club is all about getting people together over good food once a year for

Whether you serve two dinner guests or twenty, by hosting a dinner you'll be supporting families in rural Kenya, and keeping children safe, healthy and in school where they belong.

Your pack includes

  • Menu suggestions from chefs Rosie Birkett and Lizzie Mabbott, plus recipes based on Kenyan food in case you'd like a more Meru-themed menu
  • Place cards and table mats
  • Posters and flyers so you can tell your diners all about the work they're funding

How to host a supper club

Order your pack and pick a date.

Create your online donation page.

Invite your friends, and ask them to donate on your page to create pregnancy support groups for mums like Ruth, Mercy and Catherine.

Cook up a storm and enjoy a fun evening with friends. Share photos of your food using #teammum #ukaidmatch #tgbsclub

Pay in any extra donations from the night to your donation page.



Why hold a Supper Club for

In Kenya, one in 26 babies don't survive to see their first birthday. Pregnancy, birth and raising your baby are all unacceptably dangerous for women in rural Kenya. Team Mum are determined to fund pregnancy support groups to provide mums with vital health information and support.

Our pregnancy support groups will teach new mums important information about nutrition. What should they eat while pregnant? How long should they breastfeed their baby for? The information you help us to provide will help mums to keep their babies safe. 

Print your own or order a printed version

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Collect donations online

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Fundraising resources

Want more leaflets, posters and stickers?

Order more general fundraising resources to use at your supper club.

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