The Great Big Online Supper Club

The Great Big Online Supper Club
Social distancing dinner parties for during the lockdown! Buy tickets for one of our delicious upcoming events, delivered by worldwide foodies and leading chefs, or get in touch with us to host your own!

We have more supper clubs in the works. In the meantime, check out some of the events we’ve recently held. A huge thank you to our brilliant hosts!

Indian cooking class with Monisha Bharadwaj
Thr group gained skills in Indian cookery from owner and chef at one of the UK’s leading Indian cookery schools - Cooking with Monisha. They prepared a healthy, vegetarian Indian meal that is balanced and delicious!
Kina Mama cooking class
We were joined by Ugandan-born Munira Mahmud for an East African celebration of mothers and community.
CH&CO chefs' cookalong
A luxurious three course feast, with Jascots wine pairings! Cooking with expert chefs, the group made a perfect rack of lamb, dauphinoise, and baked chocolate mousse...
Beginners Bread and super soup with Jane Mason
Jane Mason shows you how to bake two delicious and simple breads, and the perfect soup and dip to eat them with...
Watch it again: Chapatis with Cherio's Programme Manager Cherio went live from her kitchen in Nairobi to show us all how to make perfect chapatis and Kenyan stew. This was a free event with attendees encouraged to donate via Facebook live, you can watch it again here:

Have dinner with friends, online...

Since 2016, amateur and professional foodies and food fans have been getting people together once a year to raise valuable funds for during The Great Big Supper Club.

Well, there's never been a better time to bring people together over food - so we're bringing back The Great Big Supper Club as an online event that anyone can host for their friends and family during lockdown!

Eat dinner together remotely, make it feel like an occasion and raise valuable funds to support through the coronavirus health crisis. 

Host your own event!

Get in touch with Jacob (below) to discuss your plans. Whether you're thinking of hosting a small dinner with friends on Zoom, or a big public cooking class on Instagram Live, we'll help you chat it through and make a plan.

Promote your event. We'll help you by designing your website, ticket, flyers, and handle the bookings through our own website - making it easy for you to get on with planning a fab menu and inviting your audience. 

Collect donations or sell tickets - or both! Depending on your preferred platform you might like to sell places in advance, or just go live and ask for donations on the day! We'll help you decide the easiest way to raise money.

Plan some fun games and surprises for your dinner - why not invite a member of the team in Kenya to pop in and thank your friends for their donations? Or send everyone on a Wikipedia Treasure Hunt after the meal? Chat to Jacob at to arrange this or request ideas for fun online post-dinner games.

Enjoy a great dinner together with family and friends. Share skills and tips, show off everyone's various attempts at the recipes, forget the lockdown and feel like you're all in the room together.



Why hold an Online Supper Club for are working fast to react to the coronavirus, in Kenya and in the UK. Our Team Mum pregnant women's groups have been paused, and we're working on a new system to reach these vulnerable pregnant women via text message. Women are missing vital antenatal and postnatal care appointments because they are scared to go to the health centre or because thier health services are concentrating on the pandemic. This puts the lives of mothers and babies at risk. 

Community Health Volunteers are attending homes to spread vital coronavirus health messaging and support these women and other vulnerable community members. But they're not being provided with basic equipment like masks and hand sanitiser. While our team reacts to these challenges, here in the UK we are facing a loss of up to 80% of our income, due to the cancellation of events and the pause on international travel.  There's never been a more vital time to support

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If you're considering an online event, I can help! Get in touch for a chat about how to make your online supper club amazing.
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