Escape the Office for Team Mum

Escape the Office for Team Mum
Make your staff feel like a team, and help Team Mum to launch pregnancy support groups in rural Kenya. Let your staff leave for team drinks, or take a longer lunch together, for a £3 donation, matched by your company.

Just half an hour over a pint could help your team build stronger relationships, and approach work more creatively.

Use our Team Mum appeal as an excuse to make your workplace more fun. Let your team finish work early one day, in exchange for a £3 donation and a promise that they'll spend that time having a post-work drink together, or taking a longer team lunch. 

Given a bit of space away from their desks, who knows what brilliant new ideas your team could come up with?

Double their donation: If your team members donate to the Team Mum appeal between 1 Feb and 30 April, their gift will be matched by the UK government. (We also recommend your company matches employee's donations, which would triple their impact!)

Wins all round

  • Improve relations and communication among team members
  • Be the best boss by rewarding your employees
  • Match donations to show that you care about what your staff care about
  • Give your CSR a boost
  • Claim tax relief on your company donation
  • Join Team Mum and provide new mums in rural Kenya with vital health information and support

How to organise Escape the Office in your workplace

Ask your HR or CSR manager if they are happy for you all to join in to support our Team Mum appeal. (They might need to get permission from your management team, so ask early!)

Create a donation page and email it to everyone, asking them for a suggested donation of £3 to take part.

On the agreed day, give everyone who has donated an "I'm in Team Mum" sticker, and maybe book an area for everyone in the local pub!

Why hold an Escape the Office day for Team Mum?

In Kenya, one in 26 babies don't survive to see their first birthday. have a solution - Join Team Mum! By simply providing mums with some of the health education and support they would receive if they were giving birth in the UK, we can give their babies a better chance of survival.

Your donations can help to create brand new pregnancy support groups in rural Kenya.

Fundraising resources

Want leaflets, posters and stickers?

Order fundraising resources to show the people donating in your office what their money will achieve in Kenya.

More resources

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