is running at reduced capacity. is now operating at a reduced capacity. Please bear with us during this time. 

We are heartbroken to announce that the impact of the global health crisis on our income has been more than we can mitigate and it is not possible for us to remain operational at the normal level at the moment, particularly in the UK.

We will shortly be announcing significant reductions in the size of our team, in the UK and in Kenya, which will take effect from August onwards. For now, almost all of our UK team have been furloughed and will be unable to fully support fundraisers and our community.’s utmost priority is to keep our projects going and prevent further loss of life. Our Kenyan team are all still working three days a week to reach vulnerable families with vital health information. This means that you can still contact us by emailing Marti ( or - though of course we’d ask that you only do so if your email cannot wait until more staff return in August. 

With the help of volunteers and those staff still working, we plan to keep some of our events and comms running during this time. It’s important to keep you in the loop about the work you’re funding, as much as we can -  so you may also see occasional social media posts, published directly from our team in Kenya. However, we will be unable to respond to all enquiries or provide our usual level of support to fundraisers.

This is a sad time for, and for the charity sector. However, we are fortunate to have the most brilliant team and community of supporters. We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to those who have supported our emergency coronavirus appeal so far - by fundraising, donating, sharing, attending or running online events. Your support has meant that we have been able to react quickly to the situation in Kenya and retain more jobs. 

With your help and the incredible hard work and dedication of our team, we will return from lockdown, restart the work that we have had to pause, and rebuild our organisation to full strength. 

We’ll see you soon. 



Answers to your questions...

How can I help?

  • You can help us rebuild faster by donating and fundraising in support of our coronavirus appeal. Your donations have a huge impact on our ability to support vulnerable families right now and protect them from the effects of the virus.

  • When many of us return in August, we will be working on a very short time frame to launch our Team Mum 2020 appeal, which will run from 20 Sept - 20 Dec 2020. You can pledge now to fundraise during this time. By pledging to support Team Mum now, you help Holly to predict our income more accurately - which is more important than ever. Peta is not on furlough and continues to work on the Team Mum appeal full time, so you can contact her directly about supporting the appeal:

  • If you are skilled and able to work independently on a project, we may have volunteering opportunities for you during the furlough period. Email with the word “volunteer” in the subject line, outlining your skills and experience, and how much time you would be able to commit. 

  • Several of our Spectacular Quarantine Quizzes and other events are still running, so you can support by buying tickets and telling your friends!


What will the new team structure be?

We know close members of the family will be keen to know how the organisation is changing, and which members of our brilliant team we will be forced to say goodbye to. This has been announced internally, and we will be publicly announcing the changes later this week, make sure you're on the newsletter list to receive the news.


Are we still going on Ride Africa in 2021?

OF COURSE WE ARE. Who could survive this dark time without the promise of cycling through three Kenyan National parks, past elephants, down to the clear blue sea? It will be epic. We might go quiet on comms to you during furlough but you can always chat to fellow riders in the Facebook group. And, don’t forget - places are still available, so you can do us a huuuuge favour and share this link with everyone you know who owns a bike.


Can I still contact a team member who is on furlough?

Some staff will be checking emails intermittently during furlough and may be able to respond to you. You can get in touch with them, but you may not receive an immediate response.

Please note that we are not in the office and our London building cannot accept post. If you need to post us something, email Peta and she will give you the address of an appropriate member of our team.

If you would like to send messages of support to our team, you can respond to this message on our social media accounts, or you can join us for drinks (online) in July. We would love to see you.