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Art4Change are helping encourage new mums to access life-changing postnatal care and ensure their babies sleeps safely. Donate here to help us reach mums, now.
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Support mums on their pregnancy journey

In Kwale county, on the coast of Kenya, only 25.6% of mums attend postnatal care, a figure that is already much lower than the national average of 32.5%. Donate the cost of a Baby Box and help arm mothers with the information they need to keep themselves and their babies safe.

A Baby Box is an inexpensive alternative to a crib that includes a mattress, blanket, sheets and mosquito net, and is printed with safe sleeping advice. First developed in Finland, Baby Boxes have been used in countries such as Scotland and Mexico to help babies have the best possible start in life.

In 2018, piloted the concept in Kenya and saw an incredible 81% increase in mothers accessing life-saving services. You can help reach more mothers this year with their new Baby Box project in Kwale county. 

Just £26 can pay for a Baby Box that will encourage women to access life-changing postnatal care and ensure their baby sleeps safely. 

Partnering with Art4Change

Art4Change was brought to life to generate revenue to support the work of charities. They have generously committed to donating 5% of the selling price of every item sold to! 

To right, you'll see a wonderful painting made by Ulrike from Art4Change for 

In purchasing their beautiful art and products, you'll be directly supporting's maternal and child health projects in Kenya. 

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“Child” painting by Ulrike for

Angela and Ulrike

Angela and Ulrike started Art4Change, a social enterprise that "makes art more accessible in a variety of mediums, both traditional and contemporary, with a strong focus on People and Planet, striving to offer beautiful products that are both sustainable and ethical." 

As part of my journey to the Non Profit sector I felt it was essential for me to get some training on the Non Profit sector and found the organisation Utopy (formerly Charity Fast Track). With them I followed on online course covering the key aspects of the Third Sector one of these being Fundraising, through which I came to learn about an the great work they do for Mothers & Children with a high focus on Maternal health. has a great dedicated team of people focused on continuing to develop and deliver programmes that truly make a difference, this is why Ulrike and I decided that Art4Change would support" - Angela 

Angela and Ulrike

Help us keep babies like Janeva safe & healthy

Janeva's mum, Orita, received a Baby Box as part of our 2018 pilot project in Nairobi. She told us,

I did not know I was supposed to go for postnatal care but I am really glad I did, It is very important because they helped me with the perineal tear and found out that Janeva had a problem with her belly button cord, so she was prescribed medication."

Orita’s pregnancy story will sound familiar to many new mums around the world. But she's living in an area of Kenya where many women don’t have access to the internet, a local NCT group or a health visitor. are launching a new Baby Box project in communities like Orita’s to encourage and improve knowledge of and access to postnatal care which is key to protecting more mums and babies. 

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