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This page is for Charity Fast-Trackers who are completing their practical fundraising with

Welcome to the team

We're so excited to meet and work with you!

Here you'll find all the resources and information you need to keep in touch with and fundraise for us effectively through your fundraising challenge.

If there's something missing, please get in touch with Jacob, find contact details at the foot of this page.

Your challenge fundraiser
Please use the link on THIS page (this is important) to create your fundraising page and team. Once you have created a team page, you can send your fundraisers there to join your team.

Choosing your challenge fundraiser

To complete Chartity Fast-Track, you need to demonstrate that you can recruit and motivate fundraisers in a campaign where they solicit donations in return for taking on a challenge. have developed the challenges below over four years of working with Charity Fast-Trackers. These challenges can be successfully completed remotely to follow social distancing guidance. If you're not sure which to go for, or want to pitch your own idea, chat to your course facilitators and mentors.

  • The Sukuma Wiki Challenge - This is a great challenge if you're hoping to manage a team of busy people who are far apart.
  • Walk like a Mum - If organising a simple event appeals to you, then a Walk like a Mum walk is a great option to bring people together.
  • Walk with Water - Lots of fundraising is currently focused around Team Mum - as our priority is to fund mum and baby projects this year. However, if you'd rather not put a big focus on mums for any reason, Walk with Water is a simple alternative.

Dates for your diary

Unfortunately, due to the public health crisis, we've had to postpone all upcoming in-person opportunities to meet us and learn more about the charity you're working with. drinks, London -  On the evening of the 1st Thursday of the month, come for a (virtual) drink with us! We would usually meet up at our local pub but for the time being, we've taken this event online. Details of the next drinks can always be found in "upcoming events" on our Facebook page. 

Looking forward

The Shindig, London - At the end of January 2021, will have our annual party, where all supporters are invited to come and discover what we're up to and hear our big plans for the year ahead. The date for this will be announced very soon, we would love to see you there. 

Work placements often welcome CFTs on exclusive volunteer placements, in the UK and Kenya. We are not usually able to pay you, but may offer some expenses. If there's a particular area of experience you'd like to develop, get in touch! swag

You can order fundraising resources from the shop. If you don't find what you're after, we can usually create printable posters or banners to fit your theme, or provide you with logos and pics to make your own - just get in touch. Please note that since our team is currently working from home, there will be a delay in fulfilling orders from our shop. 

Fundraising incentives

You can supply t-shirts and tote bags to your team members as great fundraising incentives (see below). Tell members of your team that when they have raised £150 on their individual page, you will provide them with a lovely tote bag. If they hit £300, you can give them a designer t-shirt in black or white. Drop us an email when your team hit the targets and we'll send you their prizes. This applies to you too - drop us an email when you hit the milestones on your page and wear with pride! Please note that costs are an important part of professional fundraising & challenge events. Thus, the cost price of the t-shirts & bags will be deducted from your fundraising total as a challenge expense.  

If your team member does not know they are due a t-shirt when they hit £300 and then you send it to them - that is not a fundraising incentive! The knowledge that they need to ask for more donations to get their t-shirt to wear during the challenge should encourage fundraising activity. Because the t-shirts and. bags come at a cost, they are not intended as freebies or thank-you gifts. (To thank your team, we'd recommend making brownies or handwritten cards with Baby Box Thank yous!)

Alternatively, if you want to avoid any deductions from your fundraising total, you can choose to purchase the incentives yourself at-cost on the shop.  Just drop us an email and we'll be happy to provide the 50% discount code to use at checkout! 

Available to borrow from the office

Please note that because challenge events are being held remotely and online, you should not need these resources. 

If you'd like to borrow the following, just let us know:

  • iZettle card readers (useful if you're doing extra fundraising at an event and wish to take card payments)

  • Roller banners (we usually only lend these locally as they are pricy to post)

  • Event space in central London for an event

Ask Jacob
I'm your point of contact at, so feel free to get in touch with your questions!