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  • Charity Concierges smash all targets at Latitude Festival

Concierge volunteers came from all over the country to volunteer at Latitude Festival. The volunteers found that Charity Concierge was unlike any other charity festival volunteering opportunity. Many people arrived on their own and found that camping together in our dedicated campsite and working in teams meant they quickly made friends to enjoy the festival with! Lydia, one of the concierges, said:
There was a great community feel with all the other concierges as everyone was so friendly, and it was very rewarding to know you helping raise money for such a great charity. The drinks service was the most enjoyable as people were really grateful for your help, especially when they heard about the wonderful work that do.

Concierges provided different services thoughout the festival from pushing hired carts and putting up tents, to bringing breakfast to people’s tents. Most popular of all was the drinks service in the main arena, where concierges’ priority at the bars meant they could bring festival revellers’ drinks right to their spot in the crowd in a fraction of the time it took for people to get a round in themselves. 
We had some great feedback from customers at the festival, with Concierge services described as “the best money I have ever spent”! Many commented on how hard our volunteers worked, and we would like to thank again all the concierges, 100% of whom turned up for every shift and worked extremely hard in the dusty heat for
Thank you
This first ever Charity Concierge event would never have happened without the support of our sponsors.
As well as welcoming us at Latitude, Festival Republic matched every pound we raised, doubling our income from the weekend.


Incredible supporters Simon Jersey provided our concierges with the smartest uniforms ever seen at a festival, ensuring we stood out in a crowd!


We also had help from Willow Tree Upholstery, who provided the furnishings for Charity Concierge HQ (including the luxurious beanbags)!
Lastly, a massive that you to everyone who used the Charity Concierge service over the weekend. It was our friendly, enthusiastic customers who above all made Latitude fun for our volunteers and a big success for You are heroes. 
Our concierges and the team have collected lots of ideas and feedback, so we can do even better next time! If you fancy joining us as a Charity Concierge for the most fun festival volunteering experience ever, visit and register your interest to hear about future festivals. If you have any comments or questions about Charity Concierge, get in touch with us by emailing
Be a Charity Concierge


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