Free festival tickets for your supporters. £50 per volunteer for your charity.
Let's work together.

We're offering an opportunity for your supporters and volunteers to take part in a fun experience and raise you (and us) some money at the same time. We run something called Charity Concierge. We take volunteers to music festivals, they put up tents, deliver breakfast in tent, and provide waiter service for donations. It's a really fun way to raise money. The volunteers get a free ticket to the festival, and work short shifts.

For two of our festivals - Latitude and V Festival - demand for our services have been really high so we are taking a huge group of volunteers and need more! So, what we're offering is the opportunity for any of your supporters to come and volunteer with us as concierges. In return we provide £50 per volunteer to your cause.

We are willing to donate £50 to your charity for each volunteer you provide - so it's a win win, and it's an exciting way they can raise money for you. It's not huge money, but a team of ten at each and you'd raise £1000.

Please get in touch with Kim on 07751 768 207 or if you'd like to offer this to your supporters.

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