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Contract Full time Salary £21,000 Holiday 28 days pro rata Location Hackney Downs Studios, London, E8 2BT Start date ASAP Application deadline We’re assessing applications on a rolling basis every week with the next deadline 11.59pm on Sunday 18th February. When we find the right person we will hire them. Contact

The role

This is a fantastic opportunity to put yourself at the heart of the charity sector. Charity Apprentice is a skills-based course that is training over 200 passionate people for careers in the sector. We break down barriers for people by providing real, professional-level experience of  working in the non-profit/charity/social enterprise/purpose-led sector - in a way that means they can start their career without having to work full time unpaid. Charity Apprentices learn sector-specific skills in their spare time for free. They add enormous value to through their practical work on the course. By the end of their year, the overwhelming majority have secured new jobs in the non-profit sector - adding value to charities large and small across the world.

We’re looking for a Support Assistant to join the Charity Apprentice team, which is built up of the Charity Apprentice Manager and a part-time Support Assistant. You’ll be the first point of contact for the Charity Apprentices as they make their way through the course, being an active presence on the platform and offering high quality support.

Your role will include, but not limited to: 

  • Being the first point of contact for the Charity Apprentices 
  • Answering any queries from the apprentices and problem-solving creatively to find a solution 
  • Marking work submitted by those on the course and checking progress against the learning aims 
  • Highlighting and recommending apprentices who are excelling at the course for extra support and opportunities 
  • Highlighting and targeting apprentices who are struggling or falling behind with the course for extra support and motivation 
  • Supporting and communicating with mentors 
  • Attending occasional online evening discussions with apprentices
  • Suggesting and helping to develop ways to support the apprentices (communications, fundraising resources, new support procedures) 
  • Helping as many apprentices as possible to reach their fundraising target of £1500 
  • Fostering long-term relationships between the apprentices and

We’re a small team and operate like a startup, so you need to be flexible and do whatever is highest priority.

About you

You need to:

  • Be friendly, encouraging and approachable, with good customer service skills
  • Show strong organisational skills and attention to detail
  • Be an effective trouble-shooter
  • Be able to talk passionately and effectively about and not be afraid of featuring in a Charity Apprentice video!
  • Have completed the Charity Apprentice course yourself, or have professional experience of supporting and managing fundraisers
  • Be happy to use your own Facebook account to communicate with apprentices in groups (you are not required to add them as Facebook friends) OR have a separate account for this purpose 

You'll be really good at

1. Inspiring others

Our Charity Apprentices are an inspiring and passionate bunch! Your job will be to help inspire them to channel their energies into effective charity careers that have a real positive impact in the world. You'll be great at championing a cause, and have a passion for helping charities work as effectively as possible.

2. Communicating

You need to reassure and encourage the apprentices when they're finding something tough, and celebrate them when they do well. You'll be constantly communicating with them online through the platform's online chat functionality, over the phone and will meet up with them in person at events. You'll be great at making yourself understood, and at making online communications feel personal and immediate. 

3. Problem-solving

No day working on Charity Apprentice is ever the same! When an apprentice is falling behind with the work, you'll work with them to create a plan to catch up. When they can't find a venue for their film screening, you'll help them ring round local pubs. You'll have a positive attitude and an ability to think your way out of situations and turn any problem into an oppotunity!

Applying for the role

Required experience

If you're a Charity Apprentice alumni, we'll already know that you’ll have a lot of the skills and experience we’re looking for in a Support Assistant. The ideal candidate will have strong experience in some (but perhaps not all) of:

  • A customer service or a support role
  • Working with online communities and confidence using social media channels
  • Managing volunteers and supporting fundraisers
  • The ability to deal with diverse projects and deliver within tight deadlines

(You will not be expected to have an encyclopaedic knowledge of the topics covered on the course! You'll be working with sector experts and experienced Charity Apprentice staff who deliver the course content and support you in making sure apprentices reach their learning aims.)

Application guidance

We do want to see your CV, but crucially we want a cover letter that explains why you will be really good at making Charity Apprentice a success. Focus less on your passion for the cause, and more on how your skills and drive will help Charity Apprentices learn more, and enjoy the experience more. 

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Why work for

Be on the cutting edge do what works. That means we innovate often and react fast to new information and trends, ensuring we're always doing what will help us have the very best long-term sustainable impact in the lives of the children we're here to support.

Feel your impact

Our small team means you'll have a clear insight into everything we do, from designing our website to funding our projects in the field. If you don't like feeling like a small cog in a big machine, is for you.


The team make our own opportunities. is the kind of place where driven employees can go from interning to launching and managing fundraising events worth tens of thousands of pounds, within months. If you're innovative and ambitious, we'll help you bite off more than you think you can chew.

Love your job

We love our brightly lit office at the top of Hackney Downs Studios. We love dramatic Spotify work music, animated gif memos and fancy dress Fridays. We love Kinder Surprise meetings and wearing t-shirts on our days off. We love post-work pina coladas and the sound of rain. We smile when we get to the office in the morning. If you think you might love some or all of these things, you'll love working at