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Our latest survey in Meru, Kenya tells us that 66% of mums don't know any benefits of breastfeeding their baby. Donate the cost of a crocheted breastfeeding training boob this Christmas and support mums through their breastfeeding journey.
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Donata's breastfeeding journey

"After my first baby was born, I wasn't taught about any breastfeeding methods. So I was just breastfeeding according to what I see, but I didn't know about the right positioning. Another challenge I had while breastfeeding came because my baby wasn't feeding as he should. My breasts got swollen for a long time. When my baby tried to feed he would start to cry, and I myself would start feeling pain. I think a new mum should be taught about breastfeeding."

Donata's breastfeeding story will sound familiar to many new mums around the world. But she's living in an area of Kenya where she didn't have access to the internet, a local NCT group or a health visitor. are currently running pregnant women's groups in Donata's community, where new mums are taught about breastfeeding benefits - and techniques are demonstrated using a crocheted boob!

Breastfeeding tips make a difference


Made by Namsi

The crocheted boobs we use in our pregnancy support groups are made by Namsi.

Based in Nairobi, Namsi is a crochet queen. We recently spoke with her to learn a bit more about her story and expert craft. 

Meet the Maker: Namsi

Follow her on Instagram to check out some of her other beautiful creations:

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Enough to provide a boob!

Enough to provide a pair

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What we're teaching mums in Donata's community...

Take a look at our Team Mum: Meru session guides to see what we've been teaching mums in Donata's community about breastfeeding.

The groups provide mums with a supportive community, where they can discuss their questions and fears about new motherhood. 

The sessions teach mums about the benefits of breastfeeding their baby - in an area where many mums are living in poverty and the water is not always safe, these messages are so important to protect the health of newborns. 

Expectant mums are shown effective breastfeeding techniques - this is where a crocheted boob is really useful for the facilitations to show the best positioning in 3D!

The pregnancy support groups we're running in Meru were funded by YOUR donations, and with funding from the UK government (raised during our last year's Team Mum appeal).

Enough to provide a boob!

Enough to provide a pair!

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