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  • A new chapter for Seeds for Africa

Together, we are a much stronger charity, which means we can better support the children, women and families we work with. It allows us to be even more efficient and make better use of every donation we receive. Our projects, which you have helped to fund, have been extremely successful and now we’ll be able to look at replicating them in other communities.
Currently Seeds for Africa has breakfast clubs, women’s groups and agricultural projects in Uganda, Kenya, Sierra Leone and Ghana. These projects will all be completed and under our new brand,, we will continue to support and work with our partners in these and other countries.
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About Kenyan Orphan Project
It was incredibly important for us that any partner should put its beneficiaries at the heart of what it does and do everything with a great deal of integrity. Kenyan Orphan Project was formed in 2001 by three doctors who were working in Kenya. Since then they’ve gone on to develop innovative programmes that tackle the health obstacles to education, as well as inspiring a generation of young people into development work.
All of the projects we’ve worked on have improved the lives of children.’s strategy is: “We do what works.” We are not committed to one method of support. Instead we use evidence and data to identify what will work best in a particular community, and we do whatever will have the best, sustainable impact on the lives of the people there.
You can find out more about on our who we are page. If you’re excited about this new direction for the charity, you can donate to support our projects, or buy one of the brand new t-shirts!
Get in touch
We’d love to hear from you as we take this step. If you have any questions or comments at all, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can now email us on
Thank you again for all your support.
Patrick ReynoldsTrustee, Seeds for Africa


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