In Kenya, neonatal mortality rates have barely changed in the last five years.

We’re working to change this.

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    We use the latest maternal and child health data to shape our work.

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    We work with and within communities and government to support and strengthen community health structures.

  • Ambitous? That’s us!

    Through our brilliant network of supporters and partners, we can catalyse improvements in maternal and child health outcomes.

What we do

Children born in sub-Saharan Africa are 15 times more likely to die in childhood than children in Europe and North America. The earliest days of life are the most dangerous for children born in Kenya and all over Africa.

With your help, we can change this.

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Group of women at one of's maternal and child health pregnancy support groups.

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At, we know that in order for our projects to work into the long-term we must develop positive relationships with local government and health authorities.


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