Baby boxes

The Problem

In Kenya, one in every 26 children do not make it to their first birthday. believe there is enormous potential to change that statistic. That's why this Christmas we're asking our supporters to urgently help us raise £6000 to launch a new Baby Box programme.


If we can reach £6000 by the end of January, we'll be able to launch a pilot programme and hand out baby boxes to around 500 new mums. Each box provides a safe crib for a baby to sleep in, with a mosquito net to protect them from malaria.

The box contains some useful items for any new mum - including nappies!

The baby box acts as a powerful incentive for mums living in poverty to seek professional health support. The boxes are given to mums on the condition that they attend all their antenatal appointments, and give birth at a local health centre. This ensures every baby has the best possible chance at a healthy start in life.

Every penny you donate will be matched by our friend Dr Mike Marks and the The Bush Hospital Foundation. So a £14 donation from you will actually be worth £28 to the babies of Nairobi!

So far, we've raised
of our £6000 target
Once matched, this means
370 babies
will receive a life saving baby box

The Latest



This programme is all about collecting evidence.

Does having a box to sleep in help to improve infant safety in the home for families living in urban settlements in Nairobi? Does the incentive of a beautiful baby box mean that more women attend antenatal appointments and opt to give birth in a health clinic? These are the questions that this pilot will answer.

The team will be conducting extensive surveys and analysing the data to find out what works. There is already good evidence that this will be an effective approach in this environment. By running this programme, will be able to measure long-term impact, and share that information with everyone!

Where we work

The perfect place to test the efficacy of baby boxes is in certain areas of Nairobi, Kenya.

Here, there is a high proportion of adolescent mothers who are severely affected by poverty and living in urban informal settlements ("slums"). Infant morbidity rates are high, so it's an area that needs more protection for the health of newborns and their mums.

If you help us to fund this pilot and the baby boxes are effective, there is potential to scale up the programme in Kenya, and beyond! Already our team are in discussions about running a similar pilot in Sierra Leone and potentially Malawi.


The team in Nairobi will run workshops to determine whether the boxes will be useful to new mums, how they will use them, what contents will be most useful - and what Kenyan mums think of our designs!

The images of the boxes on this page are illustrative only. We'll base the box prototype, contents and programme design on the feedback from these sessions and the extensive research that our team in Kenya have been carrying out over the past few months.

The next step will be to run the pilot, handing out boxes to new mums in two different areas of Nairobi. will conduct detailed research into the use of the boxes, and the impact this has on the families that receive them. This is where you come in - we need to raise £6000 to pay for the boxes and the surrounding research.

Once we have collected the evidence from the pilot, funded by you, we will be in a position to source further funding and scale the programme far more widely. So when you donate £14 to pay for one baby box, you're really funding so much more than that. You're founding a programme that could help thousands of babies, in Kenya and beyond.

How you can help

Please donate today to help us bring baby boxes to Nairobi! We need to raise £6000 to launch the programme effectively, and every penny makes a huge difference.