Business Development Manager

Are you looking for a unique opportunity to be part of something a bit special? Would you like to get your hands on an incredibly exciting portfolio of products whose commercial potential has so far been untapped? builds exciting products and services that sell. If you don’t believe us take a look below. Each of these products and services is a huge commercial opportunity. Come, take them and generate new business with them.

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Contract A Full Time Role Salary £30,000 - £35,000 Holiday 28 days pro rata Location Hackney Downs Studios, London, E8 2BT Start date Asap Application deadline 11.59pm 2nd July 2017 Contact

The role are a bit unusual. We’re a registered charity, but we earn a lot of our income through building small businesses. Think of us as a startup incubator, but with purpose built in. Our products span a whole range of industries, are as good as our competitors, but also come with an inbuilt advantage - the profits are used to fund the incredible work does helping children in low development countries. It’s a powerful mix. 

We need to build strong commercial relationships for each of our products and for itself. We’re looking for someone who is excited to get out there, find partners and close those deals. As an NGO, we need someone capable of turning their hand to other sources of income - whether that’s winning corporate partnerships, grants, or social investment opportunities. looks to have a diversified portfolio of income streams - and as Business Development Manager - you’d be the one generating new opportunities, managing new relationships and bringing new income in.

Our perfect mix is someone with not-for-profit and commercial experience but we’re open to one or the other. The main skillset we need is the ability to make things happen. It’s an independent role, we expect you to identify value and get out there and sell it.

Some examples of the products you’ll be developing business for include: Charity Apprentice, Charity Concierge, Treat, Ride Africa, Undercover Books, Spectacular Pub Quizzes. Your job will include finding a corporate partner to sponsor Charity Apprentice, negotiate and win contracts to run Charity Concierge at sports events, find a cafe chain to partner with on Undercover Books.

So, you, our Business Development Manager, reporting directly to the Managing Director, will be a crucial part in building a unique organisation: a heady mix of startup incubator and change the world pioneering INGO. Tell us why you’re excited to work with and how you can drive revenue growth faster than anyone else and become a part of this amazing team.

The Purpose of the Role

Our Business Development Manager takes the great things that does and makes, and sells them - directly or through partnerships. You find new opportunities to monetise the value in the assets we have. You generate new business, make sales, win grants, find investors, and build partnerships. You'll work across a diverse range of high-value brands including Ride Africa, Treat and Charity Apprentice.


Main responsibilities

Quite simply your role is to take the valuable products, services and experiences that creates and generate new business around them.

  • Generate new business across our range of products

  • Proactively assess, value and package our products attractively to sponsors

  • Identify and create successful grant opportunities for our social enterprise and education products

  • Identify and build relationships with philanthropists and major donors

  • Bring in social investors for our Hatchery incubator

  • Hit growth, lead generation and revenue targets

  • Identify future business development and partnership opportunities across products and services

  • Manage and strengthen current and new commercial relationships and partnerships

Other responsibilities

Being part of the team is much more than your specific role. All roles within are very flexible due to the nature of how we work. All members of staff need to be comfortable - in fact eager - to help others in their tasks, and to muck in when needed.  

  • Work with the producers to ensure products deliver real value for customers and partners

  • Work with the Managing Director to strengthen current partnerships

  • Represent the organisation at external events

  • Support other roles, attend events when required

  • Support the Managing Director as required


About you

  • You have a natural instinct for business, seeking out opportunities for income growth and for maximising anything that comes your way.
  • You will be enthusiastic, diplomatic and adaptable in your approach.

  • You have the organisational skills and attention to detail to implement and maintain a clear plan.

  • You are a confident networker who can communicate well with other people, ranging from students to Chief Executives.

  • You will be someone who can keep contacts warm and convert people - you have to find sealing a deal exciting.

  • You are the kind of person to whom a day that could include everything from thanking donors, building a pipeline of new leads, getting on the phone and making tiffin sounds ideal.

  • You are the kind of person who wants to have an impact, who likes to throw themselves into something. We have no room for someone who looks forward to 5pm arriving so they can leave. We don’t want you to stay after 5pm very often, but we want you to be unhappy about that.


You'll be really good at

1. Getting in front of people

Our products and services are strong, what we need is someone who can get them in front of the right people. Generating and converting new leads must excite you.

2. Communication skills

You will spend a lot of your time with people or on the phone. We need someone in our team who is able communicate clearly and passionately about what we do, and read and understand the people they meet. The confidence to pick up the phone and speak to a huge range of people is vital.

3. Ambition and drive

As an organisation we’re hugely ambitious - and that’s part of our success. Generating income for the business is what fuels the work we do, so you need to be someone who relishes smashing their own targets.

3. Self direction

You will have the support of the whole team behind you, because that’s how we work at There are also some pretty amazing trustees and volunteers with fundraising and business experience who will be on hand to help. However, we are a small charity and there’s a huge amount to do. This means we need someone who is able to work proactively and under their own initiative, and who thrives on the chance to prove what they can really do.


Applying for the role

Required experience

What you need to convince us of, is that you are driven, smart and capable of taking promising exciting young businesses, products and services and bringing in the customers, grants, investors and partnerships that will turn them into high-income-generating successes.

Obviously, we’d love you to have a huge range of experience across private and third sector fundraising, sales and relationship management. However, we don’t necessarily judge that in years experience or academic qualifications.

We imagine you’ll have strong experience in some of:

  • Sales lead generation and conversion

  • Business development

  • Relationship management

  • Budget management

  • Corporate partnerships

  • Commercial negotiations


Application guidance

We do want to see your CV, but crucially we want a cover letter that explains why you will be really good at making money for us. Focus less on your passion for the cause, and more on how your skills and drive will help make our products a success and increase our income - because that’s how we’ll impact the lives of children most. Tell us what you like about what we do; or what you think we should be doing; or why we should entrust you to sell our products - how will you add value. Give us a flavour of what having you as part of the team will be like.


Further information:

If you want to have a chat about the role before applying please do give us a call on 07751768207 and ask for Thomas.

Not sure what we mean about building businesses as a fundraising mechanism? Well take a good look through our Master Plan and maybe watch our Managing Director Thomas Muirhead give a TEDx talk about how charities need to move beyond giving. There is also more on the website about who we are.

Our internal incubator has produced some strong products and services already. Take a look at some of the products we currently have in the portfolio:

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Why work for

Be on the cutting edge do what works. That means we innovate often and react fast to new information and trends, ensuring we're always doing what will help us have the very best long-term sustainable impact in the lives of the children we're here to support.

Feel your impact

Our small team means you'll have a clear insight into everything we do, from designing our website to funding our projects in the field. If you don't like feeling like a small cog in a big machine, is for you.


The team make our own opportunities. is the kind of place where driven employees can go from interning to launching and managing fundraising events worth tens of thousands of pounds, within months. If you're innovative and ambitious, we'll help you bite off more than you think you can chew.

Love your job

We love our brightly lit office at the top of Hackney Downs Studios. We love dramatic Spotify work music, animated gif memos and fancy dress Fridays. We love Kinder Surprise meetings and wearing t-shirts on our days off. We love post-work pina coladas and the sound of rain. We smile when we get to the office in the morning. If you think you might love some or all of these things, you'll love working at